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The Digital & Media Specialist For Property, Investment & Finance Industries

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PJPB Associates is a specialist boutique digital media agency based in Covent Garden, London.

We provide bespoke innovative digital solutions and experienced media buying and planning to our clients within the property, investment and finance industries.

We specialise in B2C clients looking to target a niche, affluent and exclusive demographic and provide a clear return on investment.

This is a small portion of the services we offer. If there isn't anything we can offer you, get in touch and discuss your requirements!

Find below a list of our main subject areas:

  • Lead Generation
  • Media Buying, Selling & Planning
  • Consultancy
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Sales Training
  • Digital Communications
  • Strategy
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Print Design
  • Outsourced Tele Sales



PJPB Associates is a digital planning and buying media agency that specialises in providing direct response media solutions to clients looking to target a more exclusive niche, affluent demographic for its products.

Working across a range of sectors including property, investment and finance, we offer an experienced, professional and bespoke service, providing measurable results and exclusive expertise to our clients.

PJPB has built up a highly credible reputation based on our ability to deliver on results by pioneering media in order to, generate leads that convert, account openings, increasing clients online presence using a wide range of solutions including social media management as well as organising, executing and delivering suitable attendees to live seminars. We are different to most agencies and we give a personal, highly experienced and professional service to our clients with tangible results.

With media trends constantly changing we are increasingly looking at new, innovative and alternative media to achieve the best response for our clients, including social media management, webinars, mobile marketing and broadcast media. We also have a wealth of experience in live events. We provide an event service tailored for our clients who prefer to communicate in person with their target audience or as part of a 360 marketing solution

As a small, niche service we consider our core strengths to be our friendly, approachable manner; our ability to communicate sometimes complex media opportunities in a concise and easily understood way; our thorough understanding of our clients' requirements; and, most of all, our hard results.


PJPB Associates/Digital was set up by its founder and owner Paul Prescott Brann media specialist.

Paul had worked within the property market since he was 18. His successful career first started as an estate agent for independent agents as well as being the youngest branch manager in the country for one of the major corporate estate agency chains. He was then head-hunted by a top 100 global law firm to spearhead a new business development project created by Paul. He was then also headhunted by a well-known property portal to develop and launch its legal and financial section.

Paul then moved into business, marketing and media consultancy for the property, investments and finance industries. Paul then launched his own company in 2008 and PJPB Associates was born.


Advising clients on business, media and marketing strategies, creative and technical support as well as business development, Paul has built up an impressive portfolio of clients including estate agents (UK & Overseas), solicitor firms, service providers, property investors, property portals, property websites, media companies and developers.

Paul has a wealth of experience under him and in turn is respected within the media world and often asked for comments on current media topics by the press as well as advice to his media peers.

Paul has been featured in numerous articles, profiles and is an industry focus in his specialist areas. Some of those articles are listed below:

Global Property Scene, Issue 03
Landlord Today, Profile
Property Ad Guru


360 Degree marketing/Lead Generation Strategies


PJPB Associates/PJPB Digital offer advice and delivery on a wide range of design work. From fully optimised mailers and landing pages to mobile responsive websites. With our Experience and expertise in optimisation and conversation we know exactly what yields the best result when it comes to digital design solutions.

The pricing for our packages is listed below:

    We can design you a Landing Page that ensures your potential clients are tracked and guided towards the correct call to action
  • BANNERS (set) - £200
    We design your banners to a high standard, making sure you are SEEN amongst the even the brightest websites
    Our emails are fully browser and mobile compatible, making sure your creatives are read across every medium
  • CONCEPTS - £250

    Before creating the final versions, we make sure that we are imagining your brief correctly. However if you would like further control, we offer three creative concepts in this package.
  • BANNERS (set) - £200
    We design your banners to a high standard, making sure you are SEEN amongst the even the brightest websites
  • NEWSLETTERS - £229
    To make your message stand out, let us design you an attractive newsletter
    Everything you see above, combining our knowledge and expertise to deliver five banners, an HTML 'email campaign' and a landing page

We also provide solutions for print design, magazine adverts, flyers, invites etc. for offline activity too, all of which are bespoke and individually tailored for our clients. Video creation is a real passion and strength of ours. Be it an inspirational opening to a seminar or promotional video, we could design, create and deliver video campaigns whether direct or virally to enhance your brand. Our experience at knowing which message works ensures you get the most from your media spend. Our design team can provide the professional finish you need to enhance your company's image and reputation


Social media marketing is essential to the success of any online marketing effort in today’s world. Websites alone are not enough for success. ‘Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way that we communicate’. Allow us to form a partnership with your business to effectively leverage the social web through social media management. Our Team will develop creative strategies to build your online fan/follower basis, manage your social media PR and interact with potential clients on your behalf.

Social Media is important for investment companies as it helps with their google rankings, online presence and to share their knowledge and expertise as a property professional. We will provide constant updates of social media, i.e. with property news, will ensure possible investors view the company as reliable and constantly aware of market trends.

Social media allows for investors to be regularly updated of their investments. For example, pictures of construction progress can be shown to investors, this also makes other investors aware that you are delivering on your promises. Social media provides an interactive platform to update audiences on changes to your website i.e. the listing of new products, the publishing of new articles. Facebook allows for the posting of ‘events’ which is useful in the property world as you can make audiences aware of events your company will be attending in upcoming months.

Using Google+ can reduce SEO spend, as any organic information published on there will immediately be bumped up on google search results.


With over 15 years’ experience in sales, marketing and digital media, exclusively for the property, investment and finance industries, Paul provides you with invaluable insight and in depth industry knowledge that will help to transform your marketing strategies.

Not only can Paul consult based on his knowledge and experience, he will also able to provide you with a strategy for linking your business with the industry's key leaders. In other words, he is often able to directly introduce you to key decision makers in your target market. Please contact us to discuss your project and how we may be able to provide assistance.

Using PJPB Associates invaluable experience and insight, this consultancy service can help to accelerate the growth and development of your business. He uses a variety of procedures and trusted techniques to pinpoint areas of your business that he can make more successful.

PJPB’s large network of contacts allows him to put you directly in contact with key players and decision makers in your industry. Ultimately, it is strong relationships with these people that can help expand your business whilst growing your reputation within specific target markets.

It is important to come up with creative ideas that enhance your business and he can advise with this process as well as implementing these ideas for you. Utilising our team or web developing and social media experts, he can bring your concepts to life.

A central part of PJPB consultancy service is working with you to create clear and detailed strategies that help you to move forward. We can also act as a sounding board to give you feedback on your ideas. As well as advising you on new aspects that help you to develop, we can comprehensively analyse your current business and marketing structure to see where things can be improved and if there are areas of the business that need to be exploited.


We have worked with a great many clients within our subjects of expertise. We are happy to share with you some work we have done together:


Being based in the media district of Covent Garden we are more than happy to meet and show you one of our partner private members clubs, built for the media, music, fashion, film and art movers and shakers.

We will from there, be able to provide a bespoke consultation on how we can help your business.

To arrange a meeting, fill in the following contact form or alternatively, contact Paul directly on +44 (0)797 554 3782.

Registered Office Address:

PJPB Associates
Charles II St,
London. SW1Y 4NW

VAT no. 165060525
Registered Company in England and Wales no. 07350817